ChannelNet, the leading provider of digital engagement solutions, and Conotext, LLC a digital marketing agency that specializes in developing digital solutions and strategies for community financial institutions, announced a partnership that leverages the core capabilities of both firms to provide a more personalized digital banking experience.

As customers and members increasingly rely on digital technologies, credit unions and community banks need tools that allow them to deliver the right information at the right time, to the right member or customer. The combination of ChannelNet’s OneClick Financial Digital Engagement platform and Conotext’s digital content, search optimization and digital marketing capabilities will supercharge community financial institutions. Together the firms will deliver hyper-relevant personalized campaigns for members and customers, as well as provide virtual branches that are unique to each location and help members and customers connect with human assistance more easily.

“We’re excited to partner with ChannelNet and the opportunities that exist with their OneClick Financial™ platform and our digital support tools,” said Conotext’s co-founder, Jim Craig. “Today’s financial consumers expect personal experiences that are specifically relevant to their needs,” notes Craig, “and ChannelNet provides a great platform for community financial institutions. Combined with our digital marketing services and Referral Engine, financial institutions will see higher engagement and conversions because customers and members will not only have the right offers, but the right tools to guide them through the process.”

Paula Tompkins, CEO of ChannelNet, adds, “Conotext has developed a thriving digital marketing agency and has a unique understanding of the importance of optimized local search that connects customers and members to their local branch. We are thrilled to be combining Conotext’s impressive digital agency services with our digital engagement platform to help credit unions and community banks meet their digital growth and adoption goals.”

To learn more, register for a free webinar on September 23, 2020 at 2:00 EST about the OneClick Financial Digital Engagement Platform.

About ChannelNet
ChannelNet’s OneClick Financial Digital Engagement platform delivers hyper-relevant member digital experiences. These unique and individual experiences are designed to engage on a datadriven automated basis for members. The new digital virtual branches offering takes the next step and enables a local member to interact virtually with human assistance at their branch. More information is available on and OneClickFinancial.Net or follow us on Twitter @ChannelNet and LinkedIn/ChannelNet.

About Conotext
Conotext is best known for its Voyager search and content consulting service and Referral Engine, a digital refer-a-friend platform, but also provides website development and hosting, and paid search and social advertising services for banks and credit unions. Visit