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Digital marketing does not have to be boring. Let us liven up your next event with a keynote or session focused on hot topics for financial services and fintech marketing.

Speaking Topics

Google Analytics Setup for Success Metrics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for measuring website and digital campaign performance but the latest version (GA4) demands approaching you marketing data like a data architect. Learn how to apply structure to GA4’s unstructured data and how to use GA4 explorer and Looker Studio reports to produce usable insights from your visitor data.

The Case for a Digital-First Marketing Strategy

More than 81% of purchases begin with online research today. Digital marketing should not be part of your marketing strategy, it should be the framework around which you build your marketing strategy if you wish to engage the modern financial consumer. This presentation makes the case for changing strategic focus to generate greater growth without necessarily increasing spending.

Developing a Digital-First Marketing Strategy

If you are convinced that reaching the digital consumer requires a top-to-bottom overhaul of your marketing strategy, this session is for you. This upbeat session takes it cues from “Fixer Upper”, “Property Brothers” and “This Old House” as it delivers real advise for retooling a marketing strategy to make it “digital first” and generate growth for a credit union willing to roll up their sleeves and put in the work.

Mobile-First is More Than Website Design

The mobile consumer requires more than a responsive website to convert into a customer, they need a mobile-optimized experience. While the best path for this would require most credit unions to invest in more online banking technology, savvy marketers can do a lot with their websites to get closer to the optimal experience.

ADA-Compliant Web Design and Maintenance

We hear a lot about lawsuits and the need to be ADA-compliant, but what standard should credit unions be holding themselves to? In this informative session, we explore current accessibility standards for websites and apps and tips for creating a healthy dialog between marketers and compliance officers as they navigate these murky waters.

Developing Financial Content That Engages

Engaging the digital consumer is about more than catchy headlines and good on-page SEO. The best financial content solves a specific consumer problem and converts visitors into members. Find out how to develop content that become engines of growth for your credit union in this engaging session.

How FIs Can Successfully Partner with a Fintech Startup

Based on experience on both sides of the financial institution-fintech startup partnerships, Jim Craig will provide practical examples and advice for FIs and fintech executives looking to create mutually beneficial relationships. Based on experience as an “alpha” and “beta” client on numerous endeavors with fintech startups, and later an employee of a fintech startup, this presentation will provide clear guidance for a successful partnership.

Jim Craig

Co-Founder – Conotext, LLC

Jim Craig has more than 25 years of retail, fintech and credit union marketing experience. A geek at heart (he learned BASIC and PASCAL in high school and hand-coded corporate websites in the early days of the Internet), Jim is always looking for ways to leverage technology to build richer connections between people and the companies they trust.

Besides continually growing and adapting as a financial services marketer, Jim has advised fintech companies Micronotes, Geezeo and Andera, and has served as a member of the CU24 Marketing Exchange and Deluxe Collaborative.

Now heading up Conotext, a full-service digital agency for credit unions, community banks and fintech providers, everything Jim does is focused on increasing the level of relevant engagement between his clients and the digital consumer.

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