Paid Search and Social

Increase prospect engagement and acquisition with paid campaigns that sync with organic efforts.


Search Advertising

Organic search is the foundational element of a digital marketing strategy, but that does not mean paid search should be ignored. Paid search can help support organic campaign or engaged on their own in connection with a promotion…or both at the same time. The key to success is knowing how consumers shop for the product you have, why they are shopping and what messages and content will most effectively connect with them.

Social Advertising

Social media is no longer the digital marketing freemium channel. Facebook and LinkedIn now command huge audiences who can be engaged with the right messages at the right time. Think of these as another media channel like radio and television. Share the right content and you can increase brand awareness, product awareness and potentially find someone in need of the service you provide… and with awesome tracking capabilites built in.
Conotext can help connect your digital advertising strategy to your content strategy. We believe in creating efficiencies by leveraging much of the same infrastructure used for organic and content for paid digital effort as well.

Paid search is more than just keyword research and bid strategy. We help you connect to your audience with effective ad copy, landing page direction and consumer path to purchase insight to help you get more than clicks.

Likewise, social advertising is not about clicks and likes. When you develop a campaign with Conotext you gain the opportunity to learn how to connect with your audience. Content is king in social media, and Conotext will help you devise a content strategy, promotion schedule and budget.

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