The search and content consulting solution built specifically for financial institutions and fintech providers.

Financial institutions are competing against both local and national traditional and non-traditional financial service providers now more than ever. Added to that, bulk of market acquisition is happening via online channels, where consumers are spending more time than ever before. This is where new and existing customers shop for cars, boats, home, home repairs and mortgages. You need to be where you are most relevant and timely. Achieving greater online visibility is increasingly difficult given Google’s constantly algorithms and SERP requirement. Monitoring and leveraging search engine trends can be next to impossible and has evolved into a complex process.

The Challenge

In the digital age, competition between local, national and non-traditional financial services providers is more of a challenge than it has ever been.

The Solution

Voyager, powered by BrightEdge. It’s Search Engine and Content Optimization designed specifically for community banks and credit unions.
Voyager SEO is a collaborative, consultative process where we evaluate and update your website’s structure and content to enhance search engine performance. Analyzing data, gathered from BrightEdge and other analytics platform, gives us exclusive insight into how both you and your competitors are performing on search engine results pages (SERPs). Improving search engine optimization gives community banks and credit unions the opportunity to raise visibility of certain products, increase revenue from digital channels and compete on a national level.
Voyager tracked keywords SEO example
You can see here that since mid-May 2016, a slow increase Google search results has occurred. The non-ranked keywords have decreased from May 2016 to July 2016; the keywords ranked on pages 4-10 have decreased only because those keywords have now moved to pages 1-3 on Google search results pages.
Voyager non-branded keywords SEO example
This graph depicts the large increase in organic search results since partnering with Geezeo’s Voyager program in January 2016. The large decrease in non-branded organic search in August of 2015 occurred as a result of a massive re-brand and minimal legacy content.
Over 51% of all web traffic is still driven by organic (non-paid) search and most FIs are missing out on this solution-focused market because their digital communications strategy focuses on promoting their products instead of providing answers to consumer questions. For example, most community FIs try to attract visitors to their mortgage loan page, when in fact 277 times more consumers are searching for a mortgage calculator instead of a mortgage loan. By combining our marketing and industry experience with best-in-class analytics powered by Brightedge, Voyager SEO is designed to raise the visibility of your products by harnessing the power of organic search.