Member Portal 2.0 Switch Kit

Whether you are just wanting to learn more about the new Member Portal format or are getting ready to make the switch yourself, I hope these short videos are helpful. As always, if you have questions or would like assistance, please contact me.

1. Considerations


In this video I review the differences in the new portal you need to be aware of before switching. Those include the branding options, the simplification of the registration form and the addition of the option to allow members to register with a sign in with Google or Facebook feature.


2. Getting Started and Branding


Branding of the program is a little different in the new format with the top of the page banner going away in favor of a logo space.


3. Choosing Portal Options and Registration Page Editing


There are more options for sharing information with members in the portal and you have the ability to choose what is enabled in this step and switch image and edit copy on the registration page.


4. Setting/Reviewing Sharing Content


The final step is to make sure the content your member will share with their friends is complete and formatted correctly and all elements of the portal are labeled with your preferred language.


5. Final Step on Member Portal 2.0


Guidance on the last step of the switch…committing the changes to make it live to your members.