Digital Reputation Management

Don’t leave your brand’s online reputation to chance.

You take great care to curate content on your website and social media feeds, but that is not the only content your audience sees. Google and other search engines pull from many sources and can often present an unflattering picture to consumers researching your financial institution.

Digital Reputation Management (DRM) is not about controlling everything said about your brand online. Additionally, managing your brand’s reputation on search engines and social media today goes beyond content curation. Conotext’s Digital Reputation Management service provides guidance and tools you need to influence the way your brand is presented online.

See All Reviews In A Single Platform

Our dashboard view allows you to see reviews from hundreds of review sites in one place. Be alerted any time a new review comes in or set up filters to only be alerted to reviews that need responses.

Connect your social accounts to ours and you can even respond to reviews from the same place. You no longer need to jump from site to site to manage your responses to reviews, good or bad.

NPS Scores and More

Track reviews scores and brand sentiment over time by branch location or source. The easy to use reporting tools in our DRM platform can help you show your organization how your brand is being viewed on the Internet.

Create monhtly, quartlery or annual reports to show how your organization is performing in the public eye. See ppositive and negative trends quickly so that you can respond to reputational threats.

Knowledge is power! Your organization will always know how its brand is percieved by online consumers. Don’t leave your reputation to chance. Manage your understanding of public perception so that you can craft intelligent and effective brand communication strategies.

Share Your Reviews To Improve Your Reputation

People making decisions on who to buy critical products and services rely on customer reviews and feedback to build trust in a company or product they are not familiar with. Sharing testimonials and reviews is a great way to build that trust when potential customers visit your site.

With our digital reputation management platform you can share reviews directly on your site with easy-to-use widgets, or direct visitors to a branch-specific review aggregartion site that highlights the reviews that best tell your brand’s story.

Designed Specifically for Credit Unions and Community Banks

An annual Digital Reputation Management engagement includes:

  • Full digital brand review for all your locations
  • Review of social content strategy
  • Brand search profile evaluation and recommendations
  • Review site profile evaluation and recommendations
  • Member review solicitation and curation
  • Brand sentiment measurement and reporting
  • Competitor sentiment measurement and reporting

Contact us to discuss your brand’s digital reputation today.